Monday, April 18, 2011

Corporate Fundraising and Philanthropy

Many companies have philanthropy policies so are very willing to support a cause which they deem suitable. It is important to market your charity to businesses who will want to endorse it, and help you with your efforts. Corporate fundraising and philanthropy is a proven successful fundraising strategy.

Corporate fundraising and philanthropy is a large part of many businesses who feel they would like to give back to the local community, or support causes on a wider scale. This concept has many meanings, to begin, charities need to work on corporate fundraising, meaning that they need to secure a corporation to support their cause, through or from which they can raise money. Furthermore, corporate fundraising encompasses the efforts that will then be made by that corporate towards fundraising for your cause.

By securing corporate philanthropy, you can ensure that your charity has the backing of a large body which will be able to donate money or at least help with your efforts. Charities can affiliate themselves with businesses, which in itself will generate awareness of the charity and a wider appreciation for its work. This corporate philanthropy can be exactly what a charity needs to get off the ground.

Corporate fundraising can include the efforts of the company to run fundraising events and encourage its staff to donate. With a company doing this for your cause, a great deal of money can be raised, and all of these people can pass on an awareness of your cause. Corporate fundraising and philanthropy can have wide reaching effects for your charitable organisation. Having corporations fundraising for you on top of your own charity's efforts can increase your support and donations twofold.

Many companies have a main charity that they support, and every year may donate a portion of their profits to the charity. Other corporations are willing to organise events on their premises, or organise fundraising events such as dinner dances, which will both give their staff networking opportunities, while raising money for your cause.

With all these options that corporate fundraising and philanthropy can provide for charities, there is no doubt that it is a good idea. Not only will a great deal of money be coming in to support your cause, but the company will also benefit by helping its good name. Corporate fundraising and philanthropy is effective because it has a mutual benefit, with all of the outcomes being very positive.

Corporate fundraising depends on charities developing strong relationships with key personnel within the company. With a strong relationship like this, it is then possible to ask workers to volunteer and donate to the charity, as well as run charity fundraising events within that work place. Health Advisor

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